Reading protected Microcontrollers (MCU) - RussianSemiResearch


Currently we read firmware (Flash + EEPROM) next protected microcontrollers (MCU):

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Lead time for the tested chips is 2-5 business days.


Also we research protection of microcontrollers that absent in our knowledge base.


The order of services:

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  • Variant #1

    1. Customer pre-contact with us, sends us to the Microcontroller, the firmware which should be read.

    2. After successfully reading the firmware, we provide a preliminary review for half of the firmware (the contents of the odd bytes).

    3. After payment of service by the customer, we give him all program.

  • Variant #2

    1. The customer, preliminary having contacted us, send us the microcontroller (it can be marked with a scratch on the body), which microprogram it is necessary to read, and one empty microcontroller.

    2. After the successful reading of the firmware we write it in an empty Microcontroller with the installation of read protection and sends it to the customer for test.

    3. After payment of service by the customer, we give him all program.

  • Variant #3

    1. The customer, after sending us the test microcontroller (similar with the original) with known him firmware, firmware which we have Read and give part of it to the customer to verify the coincidence with the known.

    2. Once a customer is convinced of the correctness of reading, he sends us is required to read the microcontroller, or it could be sent immediately to test microcontroller.

    3. After payment of the customer service, he is given a program of the desired microcontroller.

Note: We are not responsible for the wrong reading. After reading chip becomes unusable and can not be returned to the customer.


At will of the customer we restore the source code of the program and the algorithm in the language C or Assembler for readed the firmware from any controller.


We provide the service of installation additional three-level security chip from being read.

Level 1 - protection from the decapsulation.

Level 2 - hidden breaking of pin inside case that used by the programmer for reading.

Level 3 - hidden removing inside chip control logic of pin that used for reading.

* Pin of chip customer can choose any, at its discretion. The pin must be programmed for input.

** The customer can select any set levels of protection.

Pricing depends on the levels of protection, amount and type of package chips:

Qty. DIP-package Set of levels   Price, $      

*** Chip can be any from any manufacturer. List of the investigated circuits (knowledge base) to this service has no relation.


We provide copying PCB and restoration schemes and complete documentation for PCB production. The size of PCB and the number of layers is not limited.